Students United for Disability Support (SUDS)

Description: SUDS (Students United for Disability Support) is constituency group funded by the Simon Fraser Student Society to advocate on behalf of students with disability and its allies.

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Union Mandate: Mission Statement Students United for Disability Support (SUDS) is a student run group involving students with visible/invisible disabilities and allies. We are working together to address ableism, and to increase disability awareness within a disability justice framework. We acknowledge the intersectional diversity within our membership and we oppose all forms of oppression. Accessibility is an important issue within our membership and we are committed to addressing this within the educational setting and beyond. Constitution 1. The name of the organization shall be the Students United for Disability Support (SUDS). 2. The objectives of the Constituency Group are; ii To promote, represent, and advocate for students with disabilities and their interests within the University/Community. iii To provide academic, social, and recreation support and opportunities for the membership. iv To undertake projects and activities to benefit the members. v To undertake such initiatives as the members may from time-to-time decide. 3. The aims and objectives of the constituency group will be consistent with those of the Simon Fraser Student Society’s constitution and policies.