Environmental Resource Student Union

Description: Environmental Resource Student Union represents the interest and welfare of its members to the Bachelor of Environment and to the University.

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Common Room: TASC 2 7470
Email: sfu-pres@sfu.ca
Website: http://ersu.ca
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ERSU15/

Union Mandate:
Objectives of the union shall be:
To create experiential learning opportunities for ERSU students and undergraduates in related fields.
To plan social and recreational adventures that not only focus on the enhancement of the naturale environment, but also build a sense of community amongst students within the three majors.
To represent student interests within the Triad and to maintain strong relations with the Faculty.
To establish partnerships between ERSU and other SFU student organizations and clubs.
To promote the three majors within the BEnv to prospective students and the greater environmental community.

Automatic membership shall be extended to:
1. Declared majors and minors within the BEnv as well as students actively enrolled in Resource and Environmental Management (REM) and Environment (ENV) courses that fall within the three major’s core requirements.
2. Any student who is passionate about environmental issues is welcome to attend activities and meetings, but will not be permitted to vote on Union decisions.

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