Fine and Performing Arts Student Union

Description: Fine and Performing Arts Student Union represents the interest and welfare of its members to the School of Contemporary Arts and to the University.

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Union Mandate:
Objectives of the union shall be:
1. To promote the fine and performing arts (FPA) within the University and the community.
2. To stimulate and promote interest in the practice and study of the fine and performing arts.
3. To promote artistic collaboration of artists and art scholars studying at SFU.
4. To establish an environment of trust. openness, and respect that encourages differences of opinion, individuality, development of ideas, questioning of authority, and conventions within a shared studio space and within the School for the Contemporary Arts.
5. To increase exposure and involvement with the SFU student community and local arts community.
6. To represent the academic interest and welfare of all FP A students within the School for the Contemporary Arts, the Faculty of Arts, and Simon Fraser University.

Automatic membership shall be extended to:
a. Any student enrolled in an FPA class or is a declared FPA Minor.