Collective of Arts and Culture Studies Students

Description: Arts and Culture Studies Student Union represents the interest and welfare of its members to the Arts and Culture Studies Program and to the University.

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Union Mandate:
Objectives of the Union shall be:
1. To promote and represent student interests within the Program;
2. To integrate Art and Culture Studies with the larger art and university community;
3. To undertake projects and activities to benefit the members;

Automatic membership shall be extended to:
All students who have an intention to complete a major or minor in Art and Cultural Studies

Associate membership shall be conferred upon the following individuals subject to majority acceptance by the collective’s general membership:
a. Anyone interested in the Art and Culture Studies program and who wishes to take part in activities of the CACSS.
b. Associate members of the Collective may attend and participate in discussion at the meeting but do not count in quorum, may not stand for election as Officers or Student Representatives, may not vote at CACSS meetings, and may not propose or second motions.