International Studies Student Association (ISSA)

International Studies Student Association (ISSA)

Description: International Studies Student Association represents the interest and welfare of its members to the School of International Studies and to the University.

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Union Mandate:
Objectives of the union shall be:
1. To promote activities that foster learning in areas of academic study relevant to international relations such as human rights, international law, peace and security issues, economic and environmental development, governance and civil society and cultural and area studies in terms of their relevance in an global context.
2. To provide an organization to represent the academic welfare and interests of its members, both those enrolled in the School for International Studies (henceforth referred to as the “School”), those within different University Departments and within the University Community as a whole who share interests with the ISSA.
3. To promote and represent student interests within the International Studies program.
4. To undertake projects and activities to benefit the members.
5. To undertake such initiatives as the members decide.
6. The aims and objectives of the Union shall be consistent with those of the Simon Fraser Student Society

Automatic membership shall be extended to:
1. Automatic membership in the Student Union shall be extended to all students registered in International Studies classes or in the Major, Minor, Certificate or Honours program, or in the graduate program.
2. No individual membership fees or levies pertaining to membership shall be assessed or collected at any time, including those charged by organisations external to the Simon Fraser Student Society to which the Union may be associated.