International Student Advocates

Description: ISG (International Students Group) is constituency group funded by SFSS to protect international students' interests.

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Union Mandate:
Objectives of the group shall be:
1. to protect and promote the rights of the International Students
2. to represent and advocate for the interests of all international students
3. to coordinate and promote international student activities
4. to work towards support of international students in Simon Fraser University
5. to promote and work towards the enhancement of services for International Students
6. to contribute the unique cultural values and backgrounds of International Students to the campus community at large.

Automatic membership shall be extended to:
1. All students self-identifying as international student (unless the Executive rejects based on insufficient evidence to support their claim, which can be appealed through SFSS).

Associate membership shall be extended to:
1. Others than those listed above, such as staff, faculty, alumni or community members. If any restrictions are to be placed on these associate members, they must be noted, and must first be approved by the executive. Decision could be appealed through SFSS.
2. Membership expires when the person is no longer an SFU student or no longer self identifies as international student.
3. A member may be expelled from the group by a vote of at least 2/3 of quorum of fifty (50) members. The duration of the penalty must be determined before the expulsion vote is conducted. An expelled member has the right to appeal, and may rejoin the ISG if 2/3 of quorum of fifty (50) vote permit this.