Labour Studies Student Union

Labour Studies Student Union

Description: Labour Studies Student Union represents the interest and welfare of its members to the Department of Labour Studies and to the University.

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Common Room: AQ 5067

Union Mandate:
Objectives of the union shall be:

  1. To seek to promote student interests within the Department of Labour Studies at Simon Fraser University.
  2. To provide an organized body through which students may actively participate in university affairs.
  3. To provide a vehicle for Labour Studies students to interact with:
    1. the SFU Morgan Centre for Labour Research, and labour organizations in the community for the purposes of learning and practical experience, and
    2. to promote labour issues, workers’ rights and working class consciousness.
  4. LSSU is constituted as a Departmental Student Union as defined in the Administrative Policies of the Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS).

Automatic membership shall be extended to:
  1. All declared majors and minors in Labour Studies.
  2. All students in the Labour Studies certificate program.
  3. All students who are currently enrolled in one or more Labour Studies courses.

Honourary membership shall be extended to:
  1. Any student who has and interest in the field of Labour Studies but who is not enrolled in Labour Studies courses, the certificate program, or a declared major or minor in the discipline, with the approval of a majority of members at a general meeting.
  2. Honourary members shall have the right to participate actively in the student union, but shall not have voting privileges, and may not hold executive committee or representative positions.