Science Undergraduate Society (SUS)

Science Undergraduate Society (SUS)

Description: The Science Undergraduate Society represents the interest and welfare of its members to the Faculty of Science and to the University.

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Common Room: Meetings are held weekly, check out our Facebook for the times!

Union Mandate: The Science Undergraduate Society exists to:

a) Provide an organization to unite undergraduate students enrolled in a course(s) the various departments of the faculty of science offer, while working in collaboration with the Simon Fraser Student Society [SFSS],

b) Represent the various needs of students and to advocate for student interests within the Faculty of Science to the SFSS, Faculty of Science administration, the University administration, and other organizations, that may be of interest to members of the Science Undergraduate Society

c) Establish a structure where members can share experiences, ideas, and where they can communicate, exchange information, thereby building a sense of community among the members in The Faculty of Science

d) Provide co-curricular opportunities such as research positions to complement the academic studies of its members.