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Below is a list of all currently registered clubs, listed in alphabetical order. Click on the club's name to view additional information or to join the club.

350 - SFU
To raise awareness among students, faculty, and alumni about SFU's role in mitigating climate change.
Accounting Student Association - SFU
The SFU Accounting Student Association (ASA) is an organization made up of highly-dedicated students with the mission of assisting student towards their professional life. In order to accomplish this mission, our association provides three types of services: facilitation of information and networking, self-growth, and fellowship.
Ace SFU’s mandate is to create a business club environment in which students can participate in business themed case competitions at various locations throughout Canada. Ace SFU would be directly affiliated with Ace Canada, a world-renowned case competition organization.
Ahmadiyya Muslim Student Association (AMSA)
With the mission of promoting peace and inviting the world towards the true message of Islam, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Students Association (AMSA) is a group designed to discover and celebrate the beautiful teachings of the worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.
The world's largest youth-run non-profit organization, developing leadership in young people through global cross-cultural volunteer and internship exchanges.
ALAS (Association of Latin American Students)
Provide a space of entertainment and learning for Latin American students and those who love the Latino culture. We want to promote a space that cherish our multicultural community, while fostering an environment of respect and growth.
Amnesty International SFU
To show our dedication to the promotion and protection of human rights.
Anime Club - SFU
To bring together like-minded students who wish to share their appreciation for anime and manga, and related interests/hobbies.
Arab Students' Association
The Arab Students' Association is here to celebrate the diverse cultures and experiences that unite under a collective Arab identity. The ASA aims at bringing together SFU's Arab students and all those who identify or connect with an Arab society. By holding a variety of cultural events, we also invite the broader community to engage with us.
Ascend Leadership
As the 2nd University Chapter of Ascend in Western Canada, Ascend SFU’s primary vision is to enhance the presence, influence, and visibility of current and future Pan-Asian leadership in our community through professional networking, mentorship, and internship opportunities.
Astronomy Club - SFU
To promote and practice amateur astronomy and facilitate related activities at SFU and in the greater community. We welcome anyone interested in exploring our universe, our earth, or any space-related topics. Please view our website for links to join the community!
Axis Consulting
Axis Consulting is a student-led pro-bono consultancy. We help businesses build their capabilities and empower non-for-profits to create a positive impact for our community. At Axis Consulting, we seamlessly integrate strategy, data, insights, and expertise to drive value for our clients.
Backpacking Club
To bring together a community of experienced hikers to tackle difficult and ambitious hikes, including those lasting for 2 or more days. Our focus is on providing the additional support, supplies, and planning required for these challenging but rewarding adventures.
Ban the Bottle SFU
The Ban the Bottle group is a collective of students focused on environmental action, specifically related to water resources and single-use plastics.
Bangladesh Students' Alliance
Promote the heritage of Bangladesh at SFU. Provide assistance to both new and existing students from Bangladesh. Organize social & cultural events to create a multicultural acquaintanceship within the SFU community.
Bhangra - SFU
To spread and promote health and well being as well as provide students with an avenue to connect with their artistic side as well as getting a great cardiovascular workout through the wonderful dance of Bhangra. Great for people of all cultures, backgrounds and dance levels.
Blockchain and AI Club
Technology is exponentially growing and the ability to keep up with innovation is becoming more difficult. We would like to provide a club where technology enthusiasts can get together and discuss blockchain AI. Topics include cryptocurrencies, machine learning, IoT (Internet of Things).
Bowling 300
To provide an opportunity for students on campus to learn about the leisure activity of bowling and improve their skills through participation. We hope to make every interaction with this club a STRIKE!
Burnaby Mountain Toastmasters
This club aims at improving members' public speaking skills and expanding their social network.
Campus Vibe Movement
We are the light of the world and carriers of God’s presence, with a mandate. Awaken our campus to the love and purpose of Christ. Equip one another for a life of kingdom impact and deploy for multiplication as each one builds into another.
Canadian Cancer Society - SFU
Through a small group of motivated and passionate students, we help raise awareness of different types of cancers through awareness themed months. We also organize and host one of SFU’s biggest cancer related fundraisers, Relay for Life! Through these efforts, all proceeds are given directly to the Canadian Cancer Society.
Canadian Liver Foundation SFU
We strive towards promoting liver disease awareness by providing education to the community. The CLF SFU Club actively engages in fundraising, volunteering and health promotion activities to support a worthwhile cause, by gathering donations for the CLF to fund liver disease research and patient treatment necessities.
Canadianized Asian Club (CAC)
Our goal as a student-led non-profit organization is to enhance student’s university experience, placing our membership body first. We strive to build an inclusive community that engages students through a variety of activities and events. We encourage students to join our executive committee to further their experience.
CaseIT is team of likeminded individuals who organize and host an annual international business case competition with a strong Management Information Systems focus. CaseIT has strived to bridge technology and business by providing a platform for exceptional students from around the world to showcase their skills in case analysis and IT strategy.
Catholic Christian Outreach Club
Focused on evangelization, we challenge young people to live in the fullness of the Catholic faith placing a strong emphasis on building leaders for the renewal of the world.
Central Asian Student Association (CASA) at SFU
Unite people of Central Asian heritage and cherish the diversity of Turkic nations by promoting cross-cultural awareness and responding to the needs of Central Asian students through a cultural prism. We want to strengthen the network and representation of Central Asian students across all fields through fun educational and cultural activities.
Chess Club - SFU
The SFU Chess club provides the means of social activity, mutual helpfulness,recreation, and mental improvement.
Chinese Students and Scholars Association
Our association is a non-profit, non-political, independent organization composed of mainly Chinese students and scholars studying and working at SFU. CSSA is dedicated to create a community for international students and enrich students' non-academic life by hosting various events including dance performances and other activities.
Choir - SFU
To have fun and make awesome music! No experience necessary.
Christian Leadership Initiative - SFU
SFU CLI runs the God & Reason Lecture series: a public lecture series of scholars and students exploring the Christian worldview by applying aspects of philosophy, reason, and scholarship to discuss faith.
Christian Students @ SFU
"But flee youthful lusts, and pursue righteousness, faith, love, peace with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart." 2 Timothy 2:22
Concert Orchestra - SFU
We are an ensemble of musicians that is always expanding. We love playing because it's fun, no stress! If you play any orchestral or concert instrument feel free to contact us. We are here to promote the musical community at Burnaby campus.
Conspiracy Club
Conspiracy Club looks to discuss various conspiracies and unsolved mysteries, through multiple points of view. This club hopes to create a strong sense of community while fostering captivating discussions.
Conversations Worth Starting
TEDxSFU conferences provide a platform for industry professionals, advocates, educators, and storytellers to showcase their ideas worth spreading. Through community conferences, dialogue sessions, and social events, we’re excited to build community spaces for storytelling, dialogue, and exploration of today’s most intriguing and pressing topics.
Debate Society
The official debating team for SFU and a member of the Canadian University Society for Intercollegiate Debate (CUSID). We are a group of passionate individuals dedicated to fostering an inclusive atmosphere, where everyone feels safe expressing their views. We hope to teach SFU Students how to debate, critically think and publicly speak well.
Developers & Systems Club
Get together and work on cool collaborative programming projects with fellow members!
Dodo Club
Inspired by the elusive and extinct dodo, we believe that life is too short not to be enjoyed. As a club, we strive to provide a student support system promoting positivity and mental health. Social activities have included minigolf, arcade games, chatting on Discord, and movies with snacks.
Our club is open to all SFU students. We want this to be an inclusive and fun space for our peers to get together with like minded individuals and share their love about food as well as nurture a safe space to battle food insecurity.
Enactus SFU
To encourage entrepreneurship on our campuses and in the community through our various programs. We consider the relevant economic, social and environmental factors to effectively empower people in need by applying business and economic concepts and an entrepreneurial approach to improve their quality of life and standard of living.
Engineers Without Borders - SFU Chapter
Engineering Students that care about humanitarian causes. As the club grows, there will be a lot more opportunities for new members of the SFU community to join.
Evangelical Chinese Bible Fellowship (ECBF)
Our Fellowship is composed of Chinese friends who graduate or study at SFU, who love and follow Jesus with 10 years’ history. We study bible together and share gospel to people who interested in Christianity with special focus on SFU international students, scholars and families from China through various events on and off campus.
Exercise is Medicine SFU
To foster collaborative inter-professional relationships and leadership skills on campus between exercise, health and other disciplines that support the EIMC vision and goals.
Filipino Students Association
To promote the Filipino culture and traditions within the university
Finance Student Association (FINSA)
FINSA is a group dedicated to help finance students attending SFU. Our goals are to help SFU Finance concentrators succeed while attending SFU and after graduating from SFU and help bring the SFU Finance community together.
Game Developers Club
We're a safe haven for game developers at SFU. Our goal is to support and teach all aspects of game development, which we accomplish by hosting periodic meetings and tutorials for sharing skills. We also provide resources to those currently working on projects. Join our discord and ask us any questions! ☃︎
Giddha - SFU
Illustrating the simplicity and beauty of the Punjabi culture through the form of traditional folk dance Gidha . Classes open to everyone. No dance experience required.
Girl Up SFU
United Nations movement to empower young women. We welcome students of all gender identities who are passionate about equality. Students from all faculties are encouraged to join. @sfugirlup on Instagram.
Google Developer Student Club - SFU
To empower students across all majors to use modern technology to solve real-life problems in our community. Our founding principles are growth, collaboration, and innovation, and we intend to keep this principle in every networking event, competition, tech talk, and workshop we organize.
Hanvoice SFU
HanVoice is an outlet to affect real grassroots change. Therefore, The club will equip, and empower students to engage meaningfully with North Korean human rights issues.
Create a healthier community where mental health and health-related challenges are addressed.
Hiking Club
To be up on a new mountaintop or leave footprints on a new hiking trail every chance that we get. And once we've exhausted every trail, park, terrain, peak, and forest in BC, we'll wake up one day and do it all over again.
Hillel Jewish Students Association
We organize events at SFU based on Jewish Values, such as tikkun olam (repairing the world) and tzedakah (acts of charity). We celebrate the Jewish holidays, develop educational programs, work on social action projects, and encourage Jews of all backgrounds to connect with one another at events. IG: @hillel_greatervan
Hip Hop Club - SFU
SFU HipHop club is a club devoted to the HipHop Culture. Our main goal is to share and educate about the HipHop dance culture. We introduce styles such as popping, locking, waving, house, breaking, waacking, and much more. It is a place where you meet new people, share the same interest, learn new skills, and in general have fun.
Hong Kong Society (HKS)
We essentially introduce Hong Kong traditions and culture, provide student-based services, encourage cultural exchange, and hold social events. Moreover, HKS aims at assisting students to adapt to the heart-warming environment in Vancouver, bonding them with close emotional attachments and building their self-confidence for future challenges.
Human Resources Student Association
The Human Resources Student Association (HRSA) aims to serve the needs of Simon Fraser University students (business and non-business) by providing opportunities for social interaction among the student body with scholarly and professional interests from multiple disciplines within the field of Human Resource Management.
Indian Student Federation (ISF)
Our club purpose is to speak out and unite all prospective, current and Alumni Indian students in SFU. Our vision is to organize cultural events and help Indian students build a network with one another.
Indonesian Association - SFU
The Indonesian Association (IA) is a non-profit student-led organisation that welcomes and unites Indonesian students at Fraser International College and Simon Fraser University. We strive to promote a fun and rewarding university experience for all our members through various social events.
Indoor Climbing Club
People who have or would like to gain interest in indoor rock climbing. We hope that all our experiences ROCK!
International Club
The International Club is for all students: international, UWC grads, immigrant, and Canadian. Our club is about bringing students together; building a better cross-cultural understanding; and learning more about international relations through our many activities and events. Also, the club provides an important social support network for students.
InterVarsity Undergraduate at SFU
Through Christ's love, we are ordinary peoples doing extraordinary things on the SFU campus. We are making SFU home by reconciling God, peoples and land in relationship with all our heart, mind, soul and strength in Christ.
Introverts Club - SFU
We aim to help introverts make friends at SFU. Our club organizes events for introverts to meet up, get to know each other, and socialize the introvert way.
Investment Club - SFU
To apply our knowledge of investing to encourage members from all faculties to get involved and gain practical experiences in the field of investing to achieve financial independence.
Iranian Club - SFU
To encourage and promote Iranian culture and heritage among its members. This is achieved through organizing social activities. Iranian Club also tries to improve the link between Iranians and other cultures as we believe in both unity and diversity.
Ismaili Students Association
A Religious Organization designed to create fun and exciting Internal and External events that engage the Post-Secondary Shia Ismaili Muslim community, and the wider SFU student body.
Japanese Network - SFU
We are a socializing club that encourages students to learn about Japanese culture through the events we create.
Jazz Band - Simon Fraser
The SFU Jazz Band aims to provide an opportunity for jazz musicians and enthusiasts to rehearse and perform in a ‘BIG BAND’ setting within the SFU community.
JDC West - SFU
JDC West is the largest student-run business competition in Western Canada that showcases academics, athletics, debate, and a social competition.The competition provides students with the opportunity to compete in all facets of business, while developing networking, critical thinking and leadership skills.
Jesus Disciples Movement
We follow Christ’s last Great Commission. Being a Christian is about imitating Christ’s life of love, serving, and sacrificing for others. We wish to share these values to the SFU student community and train them to be Christ-like, so that they can teach others to the same and in this way it can positively impact the world. (Korean club)
Korean Storm (K.STORM)
K.STORM is a non-profit student group that aims to promote Korean culture and media to all students from all nations. We are a social friendly community that allows members to meet new people and enjoy their university life with us.​​
Kurds Students Association
We aim to create an inclusive space for individuals from various different background to come together and learn about the diverse aspects of the ancient Kurdish heritage. Through activities, discussions, and events, we seek to deepen understanding and appreciation for Kurdish traditions, languages, art, music, and historical narratives.
Latin Dance Passion - SFU
The goal of Latin Dance Passion is to provide salsa and bachata dance lessons for students in a friendly environment, and at an affordable rate. We also make frequent outings to Latin dance events around Metro Vancouver to engage with the local Latin dance community.
Love Your Neighbour Club
Love Your Neighbour club is a volunteer club with an international network of branches. We are dedicated to serving both the communities we live in as well as globally.
Malaysia Singapore Students Club
To provide a social club for Malaysian and Singapore students and those interested in the related cultures of these countries.
Management Information Systems Association
MISA (Management Information Systems Association) promotes the Faculty of Business Administration concentration of Management Information Systems on campus to inform students of career paths in MIS.
Model United Nations - SFU
Model United Nation will explore different forums within the United Nations and will aim to teach members how MUN works while enhancing their understanding of politics and adding new skills such as quick problem solving and public speaking.
A passionate group of students who want to raise funds and awareness for the Special Olympics Canada Foundation by introducing the next generation of donors. We want to empower young Canadians to be leaders in their communities and share the love of play with individuals with intellectual disabilities.
Music Discussion Club
We aim to to provide a welcoming space for discussion of music. Discussion will first and foremost be fun & informative. Everyone stands to learn something new from others with different tastes and lived experiences. This is not a club where you have to know the ins and outs of music theory, but you are welcome to share any knowledge you do have!
Music for Memory
Our club advocates and fundraises for people living with or affected by Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.
Muslim Students Association
To provide prayer facilities, religious information and services, and to foster social connections for all Muslim students on campus. Also to provide awareness and education of Islam for the greater community | Facebook: | Twitter: @SFU_MSA | IG: SFU_MSA
NeuraXtension targets SFU students keen on learning more about neurotechnology in its everyday use in laboratory and medical settings, day-to-day life, and the business-tech field. The club aims to provide resources, workshops/seminars, networking opportunities, and more!
Operation Smile SFU
The vision of the Operation Smile SFU club is to work towards a world where no child suffers from a lack of access to safe oral and maxillofacial surgery. All SFU students who are passionate about helping others and interested in medicine or dentistry are welcome!
Pakistan Students Association
To promote Pakistani culture, cuisine and way of life; and to promote multi-culturalism at SFU.
Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM SFU)
The target audience of the PYM club at SFU is primarily Palestinian and Arab students, but we welcome anyone interested in our mission and activities. We aim to create an inclusive and diverse community of students who are passionate about social justice, Palestinian rights, and cultural exchange.
Panwiberry Dance Crew
We are an Asian pop dance crew mainly focuses on kpop girl and boy group dance and Chinese pop dance.We welcome everyone who love Asian music and dances to join our rehearsals, video recordings and performances! 我们欢迎所有爱好韩国街舞和中国风街舞的同学们加入我们!快来跟我们一起分享舞蹈的快乐吧!
PennyDrops at SFU
PennyDrops is a student-run non-profit organization that champions financial literacy among Canadian youth. The PennyDrops at SFU Chapter aims to engage the SFU community in being a part of the financial literacy movement in Canada.
Phi Delta Epsilon
As a co-ed fraternity, we aim to dispel the competitive stereotypes associated with pre-med students and foster lifelong friendships between women and men pursuing a career in medicine. Through our philanthropy, leadership opportunities, and academic excellence, we hope to instill in our members the skills necessary to excel in the medical field.
Power to Change (P2C)
To help students discover Jesus. We want to add spiritual value to students' lives during their time in university by providing them with opportunities to explore spiritual things through meaningful conversations in the context of discussion groups, meetings and special events.
Pre-Law Society - SFU
The SFU Pre-Law Society is intended for all students who plan on pursuing a future career or education in law. The Pre-Law Society aims to connect students involved in the law school admission process through hosting meetings, events and information sessions.
Pre-Med Society - SFU
The SFU Pre-Med Society is a group of students interested in entering the field of medicine. Info on admissions, med school options, and the MCAT plus interview prep, volunteering, hearing from current med students, and networking with other pre-meds. Join us! SFU clubs/students/external organizations, please contact:
If you're interested in pursuing a Pharmacy degree and want to learn more about the program, please feel free to contact for further information
Pre-Vet & Animal Wellness Club
The SFU Pre-Vet & Animal Wellness Club aims to connect animal lovers and those considering a career in vet medicine. We provide a place where students can discuss topics related to the career, attend vet/animal-related events, and share their experiences in the veterinary world. This will better prepare students for vet school and the job itself.
Punjabi Student Association - SFU
The Simon Fraser University Punjabi Student Association was established by SFU students in 1996. The PSA has created an avenue for students at SFU to discover and celebrate the richness of Punjabi culture along with allowing students to make positive contributions in the community.
Pursuit of Happiness
Pursuit of Happiness aims to promote the importance of mental and physical health, and nurture a safe and supportive network for students. We address the challenges of overall wellness experienced by the members of our community through engaging events.
Reclaim Tech
New communications technology isn't going anywhere. But it has impacted mental health, community building, political society and individual rights. Reclaim Tech hopes to bring awareness to online theft of information, algorithmic content suggestion, and disinformation campaigns, and provide community for fellow concerned tech users.
Redeemed Christian Fellowship (RCF)
A People Who Dare To Be Different...Building Lives For Christ
Satellite Design Club
To discuss, design, plan, and build artificial satellites and their mission profiles.
Science Fiction and Fantasy Bookclub
To encourage students to enjoy reading beyond their assigned texts. SFF today is a diverse genre, and we hope to introduce more students to it and to foster understanding and enjoyment through discussion.
SFU Aerospace
SFU Aerospace aims to create a bridge between different disciplines and fill in the gaps between entrepreneurship, educational outreach, and technological developments in the field of Aerospace. We are a group of space enthusiasts who believe in creating multidisciplinary space where everyone can get involved regardless of their major at school.
SFU Artists
A club for artists of any kind to connect and collaborate.
An opportunity for those interested, learning or fluent in American Sign Language to practice and socialize. Through movies, videos, and events, we learn about Deaf culture and the Deaf community. We also provide resources and information for those looking to learn ASL or improve their current skills.
SFU Befikre Dance Team
SFU Befikre (bae-fik-ray-carefree) Dance Team is a group inspired by South Asian dance styles and Bollywood free style.
SFU Blood, Organ, and Stem Cell Club
SFU Blood, Organ, and Stem Cell Club aims to raise awareness about the need for blood, organ and stem cell donors while providing students/members of the SFU community the opportunity to join this cause.
We aim to promote physical and mental health as a sustainable & long-lasting value in our university community. We aspire to create a positive impact at SFU by providing a supportive network for our members to work and develop their strengths and weaknesses. This will allow us to provide students with tangible ways to manage their wellbeing.
SFU Circus Club
Runaway and join the circus... right here at SFU! Learn juggling and a variety of other forms of object manipulation like plate spinning, flower sticks, and contact juggling. Train with and learn from your fellow students in a casual, relaxing environment. Open to all levels of experience from complete beginners to experienced circus artists.
SFU Comics & Graphic Novels Club (SFU CGNC)
A club for anyone interested in comics and graphic novels as a storytelling medium! We’re super welcoming to all levels of comics enthusiasts, from seasoned fans to complete newcomers. This is an opportunity to open up to new stories and perspectives, develop critical thinking skills, and become part of a passionate community of friends.
SFU Competitive Programming
We exist for the purpose of providing an environment for practicing, learning, and enjoying competitive programming. We are trying to build up a team and be competitive in the Northwest region of North America. To join our practices and compete with us, or to just hang out and discuss programming, join our Discord!
SFU Conservatives
The SFU Conservatives Club is chartered with protecting respectful discussion and engagement opportunities for students of conservative ideologies on SFU campuses through internal networking events.
SFU Coptic Orthodox Student Association (SFU COSA)
Coptic Students and students interested in orthodoxy.
SFU Creative Writing Club
SFU Creative Writing will facilitate the collection, creation and dissemination of creative writing (poetry, prose, etc.) by SFU students for a student audience. It will provide a space for people to share literary works that are meaningful to them. Members will exchange published and original works, discuss them, and provide feedback on request.
SFU Cricket Club
This club aims at bringing together all the cricket enthusiasts at SFU for informative, entertaining and enjoyable events, discussions, get-togethers and light play.
SFU Cycling
The target audiences of the club are ALL SFU students that want to venture into the physical activity of road cycling. Rides will take place on paved and designated cycling pathways, and helmets are mandatory.
SFU Dragon Boat
To promote and build a welcoming, inclusive, and supportive community around the sport of dragon boat paddling at SFU. Additionally, SFU Dragon Boat facilitates the creation and support of the day to day operation of SFU dragon boat teams.
SFU Esports Association
To serve as a unifying brand for various student led gaming communities across the region
SFU First Responders
To provide those with an interest in first aid, regardless of skill level or experience, with the opportunity to learn new skills, maintain current ones, and meet others with similar interests. To become a member simply join our discord (Joining on gosfss doesn’t add you automatically to our contact list)
SFU Foodie Club
Our club provides a fun, welcoming, and inclusive community where SFU students can explore a wide range of super fun activities, discover new interests, and explore new cuisines together. We want our foodies to have fun, enjoy good food, and make meaningful connections along the way.
SFU French Conversation Club
The SFU French Conversation Club is open to all members of the SFU community who like to speak French. We aim to create a casual place for French speakers of various skill levels to enjoy conversation and games, practising the langue de Molière the whole time!
SFU Golf Club
The target audience of the SFU Golf Club is SFU undergraduate students who are interested in golf. We hope to encourage more students to begin playing the sport of golf and connect with golfers of all skill levels. This will be a social sports club meant for anyone interested in joining!
SFU Hanfu Culture Society
We aim to raise the awareness of many lost/endangered aspects of Chinese traditional culture with an emphasis on clothing, also known as the Hanfu.
SFU Heart and Stroke Foundation (SFUHSF)
Individuals with the desire to raise awareness about heart and stroke conditions including but not limited to: people who have been impacted by these conditions, people who wish to contribute to funding treatment related to these condition and people who wish to learn more about the conditions.
SFU Hindu Yuva
We plan to target all SFU students as well as professors and staff who are interested in learning more about the hindu culture.
SFU Jain Student Association
A club that brings together self identified Jains, or anybody with interest in Jainism and its principles.
SFU Knitting Club
The purpose of SFU Knitting Club is to facilitate healthy stress-reduction techniques to improve student well-being. This club will teach students valuable skills so they can create something they are proud of. Stay connected by following SFU Knitting Club on Instagram and Facebook!
SFU Lung Health Initiative
SFU Lung Health Initiative (LHI) introduces students to unique and common topics in lung health, participates in fundraising initiatives for pulmonary health research, and highlights careers with a focus in pulmonology. We also work to foster a community for students interested in lung health by hosting social events.
SFU LYFE is a personal and professional development platform that hosts social and career development events as we emphasize having a work-life balance. We also run various projects, such as our blog and podcast, so be sure to check out our Instagram @sfu_lyfe
SFU Magic the Gathering Club (MTG)
The SFU MTG Club is designed to support those who enjoy playing Magic the gathering or who want to give it a try. We aim to create an environment that is both safe and inviting for everyone to have fun and meet new people who share their interests!
SFU Mechanical Keyboards Club
To introduce students to the joy of mechanical keyboards and hosting meet ups to share and show off custom boards.
SFU New Democratic Party
The SFU NDP's primary focus is to engage and empower young students between the ages of 18 and 30. We aim to ensure the youth on the SFU Campus are involved in the political discourse. However, it's important to note the SFU NDP is an inclusive organization, welcoming students of all ages and from diverse academic backgrounds.
SFU OS Development
SFU OS(Open Source) Dev club is built for students willing to support the Open Source Community, and interested in real-world software engineering, as well as learning modern tools for software development outside the classroom. Join our discord here:
SFU Peak Frequency
To provide performance opportunities for student musicians and foster a musical environment where people can socialize and share a common interest.
SFU Pokemon Go Official Group
Official campus trade/pvp/raid group! Doesn't matter what team you are on, come meet other players in the SFU community!
SFU Polyglots
SFU Polyglots aims to provide a casual and friendly environment for students to meet and discuss all things related to languages, including language acquisition, and language exchange, with fellow members of the SFU community.
SFU Pre-Dental Society
Our club focuses on informing students interested in pursuing a future in dentistry on the application process; DAT, the pre-requisites, current entrance statistics, and various other qualities looked for in potential candidates, to inform as many students of as many possibilities open to them in the future.
SFU Real Estate Club
The SFU Real Estate Club is a student led organization that allows students to be exposed to the real estate world through events and projects. Our vision is to create a community amongst the students interested in real estate and help them grow their network within the industry.
SFU Robot Soccer
SFU Robot Soccer club aims to combine the excitement of soccer with the future of automated technology as we compete in RoboCup. Our team encourages students from all programs to learn concepts that are not taught in class and get hands-on experience with robotics, artificial intelligence, and teamwork. Join our Discord via:
SFU Robotics Club
SFU students that are interested in learning about robotics and/or participating in robotics related activities (ex. competitions)
SFU Rocketry
To research, design, and build rockets to compete in rocketry competitions and further the understanding and competency of SFU students in the field of engineering.
SFU Sports Analytics Club
Where data and sports come together. We aim to connect individuals interested in sports, data, or analysis to share ideas and opinions. As data is more prevalent and publicly available than ever, we promote the importance of usage of data to investigate sports-related issues in the light of improving performance and strategies.
SFU Surge
We are a community for students in tech to learn from industry professionals at conferences and talks, to hone skills and experience at large-scale hackathons and competitions, to network at events and workshops to enable community innovation, and to gain project experience working on software used by SFU students.
SFU Swifties
A club for fans of music to talk about anything and everything with a shared interest in Taylor Swift's music and projects :) For timely updates and announcements, please follow our instagram page or Discord server (located on the linktree website)
SFU Thaqalyn Muslim Association
As a collective, TMA SFU aims to embody and promote the values of the Quran, the Holy Prophet PBUH and his holy Household within our society and on campus, as we prepare for the reappearance of the Imam of our time. In addition, we hope to provide an inclusive, supportive and accepting environment for Muslim students at Simon Fraser University.
SFU Transit Enthusiasts Club (SFU TEC)
Welcome to the SFU Transit Enthusiasts Club (SFU TEC)! Join us for discussions about Public Transit in Metro Vancouver and the world, and even for some urban planning too! Most of our discussion takes place on our discord server, but we do have in-person meetings once a month!
SFUnison is SFU's a cappella group. Have you always wanted to make music, but felt tied down by the thought of committing to playing an instrument? All you need to bring is your voice! We are open to all skill levels!
Sikh Students' Association - SFU
Establish a strong network for those who are exploring the Sikh way of life. We hope to achieve this by promoting Sikh values such as equality, peace and truthful living in order to create a strong and united Sikh community at Simon Fraser University.
Ski and Snowboard Club
The Ski and Snowboard club is focused on bringing together the SFU shred community, regardless of abilities on the slopes! We're just a group of RAD people looking for more RAD people to be RAD with! If you're looking for good times, and to make some turns on the slopes this season, this club is for you!
Slam Poetry Club
To create a safe space and community for poets to express themselves through performance poetry (aka slam poetry), and foster an environment of creative and personal growth.
Smash Club
To provide a place for students to play the popular video game franchise Super Smash Bros., both competitively and casually.
Socialist Alternative Youth
Socialist Alternative Youth realizes that capitalism is incapable of providing a society where the working class and its allies can have a good quality of life on a healthy planet. Therefore, we work both for reforms now and for a mass democratic socialist transformation of society.
Speech and Hearing Club
This club is for prospective Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists who want to maximize their ability to get into graduate school.
STEM Fellowship
Non-profit organization at SFU that strives to engage future leaders and innovators in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
Student Marketing Association
The Student Marketing Association (SMA) is SFU’s creative and innovative marketing-based student club. Students from all faculties join together in this organization to gain skills in marketing, event coordination, and leadership, planning numerous social and professional events throughout the year.

Surrey Badminton Club - SFU
The Surrey Badminton Club promotes Badminton to all SFU Students, particularly at SFU Surrey Campus. This club welcomes any skill level/gender and will enforce a safe zone for all participants.
Tabletop is a club dedicated to building a safe, accessible, and welcoming community where students can play board games, roleplaying games, and many other tabletop games together.
Taiwanese Association - SFU
SFUTA was established in 1989, We are the bridge between Canada and Taiwan. We are a social and cultural club that promotes an engaging university experience. SFUTA成立於1989年,我們是加拿大和台灣之間的橋樑。我們是一個多元文化社團,旨在促進學生參與大學的生活體驗。
Tamil Student Association (TSA)
To be a safe space where students affiliated with the Tamil language, culture and heritage, can come together to provide opportunities to bring both Tamils and non-Tamils together.
Team Phantom: SFU Formula SAE Electric
The goal of this club is to compete in the Formula SAE Electric Competition. The club will do this by designing and creating a fully electric vehicle using engineering principles.
The FentaNIL Project at SFU (TFP)
The FentaNIL Project (TFP) is dedicated to reducing the impact of the opioid crisis by educating students about harm reduction and how they can help others who are struggling with addiction. We will teach the public how to recognize and respond to overdoses by recommending students obtain naloxone kits. IG: @fentanilsfu Contact:
The Point
A club on campus whose goal is to Love God, Love People, Serve All, by hosting events open to those part of The Point Church and to those who are not. Through worship and service, we aim to foster a positive atmosphere on campus where students can explore what it means to follow Jesus.

Thé SFU Tea
We aim to encourage and maintain the appreciation of tea in all forms.
Ukrainian Student Society
Ukrainian Student Society wants to celebrate Ukrainian identity, culture, and language. We also want to bring awareness about russian aggression and aid Ukraine to help to win the battle for liberty and freedom.
Our focus is to advocate, educate, and fundraise to join the global effort of reversing child-focused humanitarian issues in the developing world.
University Bible Fellowship
To help students study the Bible and live according to its teachings.
University Christian Ministries
UCM SFU is a Christian community of students at Simon Fraser University. We exist to know and love God, love one another, care for all of our campuses, and tell others about Jesus.
UPhoto Photography Club
Everyone who is interested in photography is welcome to join UPhoto. You don't have to be a professional photographer or own a fancy camera to participate in our events. Our goal is simple: to provide those who are interested in photography a platform to have fun and to learn skills from others!
Variety for Tomorrow - SFU
We host events throughout the year to fundraise on behalf of Variety - the Children’s Charity. All of our proceeds support children with special needs in British Columbia. We also offer the opportunity to volunteer at some of Variety’s events, such as the Show of Hearts Telethon, Boat for Hope and their Christmas parties.
To create a welcoming space for people to explore plant-based diets, seek advice, and have open discussion pertaining to plant-based diets and sustainability. As a member, you can expect restaurant socials, access to recipes and resources, and a place to meet others with common interests. This club is open to everyone, plant-based or not.
Vietnamese Student Association
An official group for all Vietnamese students and all those who are interested in Vietnamese culture at Simon Fraser University.
Vocal Jazz- SFU
To spread musical joy throughout the SFU campus.
Women in Clean Tech
Women in Clean Tech (WiCT) is an all-inclusive club aiming to connect students in STEM, as well as facilitate clean tech initiatives and projects for our club members. Follow @wict_sfu on Instagram for all updates! While the focus of this club is to connect and support the women student body interested in this field, all are welcome to join.
Women In Engineering
Women in Engineering club stands for diversity, inclusion, and representation of minorities in engineering. We are a club that aims to empower women in STEM through events with a focus toward outreach, support, and career development.
Women in STEM
Women in STEM (WiSTEM) is allied with all students of different backgrounds and identities to create a supportive environment in all fields of STEM. Our main focus is to connect with women through various outreach and networking environments (e.g., study sessions, panels, mixers). This club is open to everyone to join.
World University Services of Canada-SFU
World University Service of Canada (WUSC) is a Canadian international development non-profit organization dedicated to improving education, employment and empowerment opportunities for youth, women and refugees. WUSC works through 95 universities across Canada through the WUSC Local Committees to support the Student Refugee Program (SRP). For more info, please visit: The SFU WUSC Local Committee (LC) is a student and volunteer-driven campus organization that runs the SFU Student Refugee Program. The SRP is the only one of its kind to combine resettlement with opportunities for higher education. At SFU, we sponsor 6 refugee students every year. Our LC raise funds and awareness for the program on their campus and in their community. They also play a critical role in offering day-to-day social and academic support to SRP students. For more info, please visit:
Young Liberals of Canada - SFU
The SFU YLC's goals are to ensure adequate representation of youth within the Liberal Party of Canada; promote and espouse the views of Young Liberals on a regular basis internally and externally to the Liberal Party of Canada; develop and educate Young Liberals in the various aspects of the political process.
Young Women in Business SFU
YWiB SFU strives to engage leaders from all faculties through opportunities for personal and professional growth. We encourage members to achieve success on their own terms through our programs that focus on mentorship, networking, philanthropy and tangible skill building. To join YWiB please apply via our website: