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Below is a list of all currently registered clubs, listed in alphabetical order. Click on the club's name to view additional information or to join the club.

Satellite Design Club
To discuss, design, plan, and build artificial satellites and their mission profiles.
Science Fiction and Fantasy Bookclub
To encourage students to enjoy reading beyond their assigned texts. SFF today is a diverse genre, and we hope to introduce more students to it and to foster understanding and enjoyment through discussion.
SFU Aerospace
SFU Aerospace aims to create a bridge between different disciplines and fill in the gaps between entrepreneurship, educational outreach, and technological developments in the field of Aerospace. We are a group of space enthusiasts who believe in creating multidisciplinary space where everyone can get involved regardless of their major at school.
SFU Artists
A club for artists of any kind to connect and collaborate.
An opportunity for those interested, learning or fluent in American Sign Language to practice and socialize. Through movies, videos, and events, we learn about Deaf culture and the Deaf community. We also provide resources and information for those looking to learn ASL or improve their current skills.
SFU Befikre Dance Team
SFU Befikre (bae-fik-ray-carefree) Dance Team is a group inspired by South Asian dance styles and Bollywood free style.
SFU Blood, Organ, and Stem Cell Club
SFU Blood, Organ, and Stem Cell Club aims to raise awareness about the need for blood, organ and stem cell donors while providing students/members of the SFU community the opportunity to join this cause.
We aim to promote physical and mental health as a sustainable & long-lasting value in our university community. We aspire to create a positive impact at SFU by providing a supportive network for our members to work and develop their strengths and weaknesses. This will allow us to provide students with tangible ways to manage their wellbeing.
SFU Circus Club
Runaway and join the circus... right here at SFU! Learn juggling and a variety of other forms of object manipulation like plate spinning, flower sticks, and contact juggling. Train with and learn from your fellow students in a casual, relaxing environment. Open to all levels of experience from complete beginners to experienced circus artists.
SFU Comics & Graphic Novels Club (SFU CGNC)
A club for anyone interested in comics and graphic novels as a storytelling medium! We’re super welcoming to all levels of comics enthusiasts, from seasoned fans to complete newcomers. This is an opportunity to open up to new stories and perspectives, develop critical thinking skills, and become part of a passionate community of friends.
SFU Competitive Programming
We exist for the purpose of providing an environment for practicing, learning, and enjoying competitive programming. We are trying to build up a team and be competitive in the Northwest region of North America. To join our practices and compete with us, or to just hang out and discuss programming, join our Discord!
SFU Coptic Orthodox Student Association (SFU COSA)
Coptic Students and students interested in orthodoxy.
SFU Creative Writing Club
SFU Creative Writing will facilitate the collection, creation and dissemination of creative writing (poetry, prose, etc.) by SFU students for a student audience. It will provide a space for people to share literary works that are meaningful to them. Members will exchange published and original works, discuss them, and provide feedback on request.
SFU Cricket Club
This club aims at bringing together all the cricket enthusiasts at SFU for informative, entertaining and enjoyable events, discussions, get-togethers and light play.
SFU Cycling
The target audiences of the club are ALL SFU students that want to venture into the physical activity of road cycling. Rides will take place on paved and designated cycling pathways, and helmets are mandatory.
SFU Dragon Boat
To promote and build a welcoming, inclusive, and supportive community around the sport of dragon boat paddling at SFU. Additionally, SFU Dragon Boat facilitates the creation and support of the day to day operation of SFU dragon boat teams.
SFU Esports Association
To serve as a unifying brand for various student led gaming communities across the region
SFU First Responders
To provide those with an interest in first aid, regardless of skill level or experience, with the opportunity to learn new skills, maintain current ones, and meet others with similar interests. To become a member simply join our discord (Joining on gosfss doesn’t add you automatically to our contact list)
SFU French Conversation Club
The SFU French Conversation Club is open to all members of the SFU community who like to speak French. We aim to create a casual place for French speakers of various skill levels to enjoy conversation and games, practising the langue de Molière the whole time!
SFU Golf Club
The target audience of the SFU Golf Club is SFU undergraduate students who are interested in golf. We hope to encourage more students to begin playing the sport of golf and connect with golfers of all skill levels. This will be a social sports club meant for anyone interested in joining!
SFU Hanfu Culture Society
We aim to raise the awareness of many lost/endangered aspects of Chinese traditional culture with an emphasis on clothing, also known as the Hanfu.
SFU Heart and Stroke Foundation (SFUHSF)
Individuals with the desire to raise awareness about heart and stroke conditions including but not limited to: people who have been impacted by these conditions, people who wish to contribute to funding treatment related to these condition and people who wish to learn more about the conditions.
SFU Hindu Yuva
We plan to target all SFU students as well as professors and staff who are interested in learning more about the hindu culture.
SFU Jain Student Association
A club that brings together self identified Jains, or anybody with interest in Jainism and its principles.
SFU Knitting Club
The purpose of SFU Knitting Club is to facilitate healthy stress-reduction techniques to improve student well-being. This club will teach students valuable skills so they can create something they are proud of. Stay connected by following SFU Knitting Club on Instagram and Facebook!
SFU Lung Health Initiative
SFU Lung Health Initiative (LHI) introduces students to unique and common topics in lung health, participates in fundraising initiatives for pulmonary health research, and highlights careers with a focus in pulmonology. We also work to foster a community for students interested in lung health by hosting social events.
Learn. Live. Inspire. SFU LYFE is a personal and professional development platform that hosts social and career development events as we emphasize having a work-life balance. We also run a variety of projects so be sure to check out our Instagram @sfulyfeclub.
SFU Magic the Gathering Club (MTG)
The SFU MTG Club is designed to support those who enjoy playing Magic the gathering or who want to give it a try. We aim to create an environment that is both safe and inviting for everyone to have fun and meet new people who share their interests!
SFU Mechanical Keyboards Club
To introduce students to the joy of mechanical keyboards and hosting meet ups to share and show off custom boards.
SFU OS Development
SFU OS Development (Open Source) club is built for students willing to support the Open Source Community, and interested in real-world software engineering, as well as learning modern tools for software development outside the classroom. Join our discord here:
SFU Peak Frequency
To provide performance opportunities for student musicians and foster a musical environment where people can socialize and share a common interest.
SFU Pokemon Go Official Group
Official campus trade/pvp/raid group! Doesn't matter what team you are on, come meet other players in the SFU community!
SFU Polyglots
SFU Polyglots aims to provide a casual and friendly environment for students to meet and discuss all things related to languages, including language acquisition, and language exchange, with fellow members of the SFU community.
SFU Pre-Dental Society
Our club focuses on informing students interested in pursuing a future in dentistry on the application process; DAT, the pre-requisites, current entrance statistics, and various other qualities looked for in potential candidates, to inform as many students of as many possibilities open to them in the future.
SFU Real Estate Club
The SFU Real Estate Club is a student led organization that allows students to be exposed to the real estate world through events and projects. Our vision is to create a community amongst the students interested in real estate and help them grow their network within the industry.
SFU Robot Soccer
SFU Robot Soccer club aims to combine the excitement of soccer with the future of automated technology as we compete in RoboCup. Our team encourages students from all programs to learn concepts that are not taught in class and get hands-on experience with robotics, artificial intelligence, and teamwork. Join our Discord via:
SFU Robotics Club
SFU students that are interested in learning about robotics and/or participating in robotics related activities (ex. competitions)
SFU Rocketry
To research, design, and build rockets to compete in rocketry competitions and further the understanding and competency of SFU students in the field of engineering.
SFU Sports Analytics Club
Where data and sports come together. We aim to connect individuals interested in sports, data, or analysis to share ideas and opinions. As data is more prevalent and publicly available than ever, we promote the importance of usage of data to investigate sports-related issues in the light of improving performance and strategies.
SFU Surge
We are a community for students in tech to learn from industry professionals at conferences and talks, to hone skills and experience at large-scale hackathons and competitions, to network at events and workshops to enable community innovation, and to gain project experience working on software used by SFU students.
SFU Swifties
A club for fans of music to talk about anything and everything with a shared interest in Taylor Swift's music and projects :) For timely updates and announcements, please follow our instagram page or Discord server (located on the linktree website)
SFU Thaqalyn Muslim Association
As a collective, TMA SFU aims to embody and promote the values of the Quran, the Holy Prophet PBUH and his holy Household within our society and on campus, as we prepare for the reappearance of the Imam of our time. In addition, we hope to provide an inclusive, supportive and accepting environment for Muslim students at Simon Fraser University.
SFU Transit Enthusiasts Club (SFU TEC)
Welcome to the SFU Transit Enthusiasts Club (SFU TEC)! Join us for discussions about Public Transit in Metro Vancouver and the world, and even for some urban planning too! Most of our discussion takes place on our discord server, but we do have in-person meetings once a month!
SFUnison is SFU's a cappella group. Have you always wanted to make music, but felt tied down by the thought of committing to playing an instrument? All you need to bring is your voice! We are open to all skill levels!
Sikh Students' Association - SFU
Establish a strong network for those who are exploring the Sikh way of life. We hope to achieve this by promoting Sikh values such as equality, peace and truthful living in order to create a strong and united Sikh community at Simon Fraser University.
Ski and Snowboard Club
The Ski and Snowboard club is focused on bringing together the SFU shred community, regardless of abilities on the slopes! We're just a group of gnarly people looking for more gnarly people to be gnarly with! If you're looking for good times, and to make some turns on the slopes this season, this club is for you!
Smash Club
To provide a place for students to play the popular video game franchise Super Smash Bros., both competitively and casually.
Speech and Hearing Club
This club is for prospective Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists who want to maximize their ability to get into graduate school.
STEM Fellowship
Non-profit organization at SFU that strives to engage future leaders and innovators in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
Student Marketing Association
The Student Marketing Association (SMA) is SFU’s creative and innovative marketing-based student club. Students from all faculties join together in this organization to gain skills in marketing, event coordination, and leadership, planning numerous social and professional events throughout the year.

Surrey Badminton Club - SFU
The Surrey Badminton Club promotes Badminton to all SFU Students, particularly at SFU Surrey Campus. This club welcomes any skill level/gender and will enforce a safe zone for all participants.