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Below is a list of all currently registered clubs, listed in alphabetical order. Click on the club's name to view additional information or to join the club.

ALAS (Association of Latin American Students)
Provide a space of entertainment and learning for Latin American students and those who love the Latino culture. We want to promote a space that cherish our multicultural community, while fostering an environment of respect and growth.
Arab Students' Association
The Arab Students' Association is here to celebrate the diverse cultures and experiences that unite under a collective Arab identity. The ASA aims at bringing together SFU's Arab students and all those who identify or connect with an Arab society. By holding a variety of cultural events, we also invite the broader community to engage with us.
Bangladesh Students' Alliance
Promote the heritage of Bangladesh at SFU. Provide assistance to both new and existing students from Bangladesh. Organize social & cultural events to create a multicultural acquaintanceship within the SFU community.
Central Asian Student Association (CASA) at SFU
Unite people of Central Asian heritage and cherish the diversity of Turkic nations by promoting cross-cultural awareness and responding to the needs of Central Asian students through a cultural prism. We want to strengthen the network and representation of Central Asian students across all fields through fun educational and cultural activities.
Conversations Worth Starting
TEDxSFU conferences provide a platform for industry professionals, advocates, educators, and storytellers to showcase their ideas worth spreading. Through community conferences, dialogue sessions, and social events, we’re excited to build community spaces for storytelling, dialogue, and exploration of today’s most intriguing and pressing topics.
Filipino Students Association
To promote the Filipino culture and traditions within the university
Hillel Jewish Students Association
We organize events at SFU based on Jewish Values, such as tikkun olam (repairing the world) and tzedakah (acts of charity). We celebrate the Jewish holidays, develop educational programs, work on social action projects, and encourage Jews of all backgrounds to connect with one another at events. IG: @hillel_greatervan
Hong Kong Society (HKS)
We essentially introduce Hong Kong traditions and culture, provide student-based services, encourage cultural exchange, and hold social events. Moreover, HKS aims at assisting students to adapt to the heart-warming environment in Vancouver, bonding them with close emotional attachments and building their self-confidence for future challenges.
Indian Student Federation (ISF)
Our club purpose is to speak out and unite all prospective, current and Alumni Indian students in SFU. Our vision is to organize cultural events and help Indian students build a network with one another.
International Club
The International Club is for all students: international, UWC grads, immigrant, and Canadian. Our club is about bringing students together; building a better cross-cultural understanding; and learning more about international relations through our many activities and events. Also, the club provides an important social support network for students.
Iranian Club - SFU
To encourage and promote Iranian culture and heritage among its members. This is achieved through organizing social activities. Iranian Club also tries to improve the link between Iranians and other cultures as we believe in both unity and diversity.
Japanese Network - SFU
We are a socializing club that encourages students to learn about Japanese culture through the events we create.
Korean Storm (K.STORM)
K.STORM is a non-profit student group that aims to promote Korean culture and media to all students from all nations. We are a social friendly community that allows members to meet new people and enjoy their university life with us.​​
Kurds Student Association
We aim to create an inclusive space for individuals from various different background to come together and learn about the diverse aspects of the ancient Kurdish heritage. Through activities, discussions, and events, we seek to deepen understanding and appreciation for Kurdish traditions, languages, art, music, and historical narratives.
Pakistan Students Association
To promote Pakistani culture, cuisine and way of life; and to promote multi-culturalism at SFU.
Punjabi Student Association - SFU
The Simon Fraser University Punjabi Student Association was established by SFU students in 1996. The PSA has created an avenue for students at SFU to discover and celebrate the richness of Punjabi culture along with allowing students to make positive contributions in the community.
SFU French Conversation Club
The SFU French Conversation Club is open to all members of the SFU community who like to speak French. We aim to create a casual place for French speakers of various skill levels to enjoy conversation and games, practising the langue de Molière the whole time!
SFU Hanfu Culture Society
We aim to raise the awareness of many lost/endangered aspects of Chinese traditional culture with an emphasis on clothing, also known as the Hanfu.
SFU Hindu Yuva
We plan to target all SFU students as well as professors and staff who are interested in learning more about the hindu culture.
Tamil Student Association (TSA)
To be a safe space where students affiliated with the Tamil language, culture and heritage, can come together to provide opportunities to bring both Tamils and non-Tamils together.
Ukrainian Student Society
Ukrainian Student Society wants to celebrate Ukrainian identity, culture, and language. We also want to bring awareness about russian aggression and aid Ukraine to help to win the battle for liberty and freedom.
Vietnamese Student Association
An official group for all Vietnamese students and all those who are interested in Vietnamese culture at Simon Fraser University.