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Below is a list of all currently registered clubs, listed in alphabetical order. Click on the club's name to view additional information or to join the club.

Tabletop is a club dedicated to building a safe, accessible, and welcoming community where students can play board games, roleplaying games, and many other tabletop games together.
Taiwanese Association - SFU
SFUTA was established in 1989, We are the bridge between Canada and Taiwan. We are a social and cultural club that promotes an engaging university experience. SFUTA成立於1989年,我們是加拿大和台灣之間的橋樑。我們是一個多元文化社團,旨在促進學生參與大學的生活體驗。
Tamil Student Association (TSA)
To be a safe space where students affiliated with the Tamil language, culture and heritage, can come together to provide opportunities to bring both Tamils and non-Tamils together.
Team Guardian
Team Guardian designs, builds, and deploys unmanned aerial systems (UAS) to participate in national and international competitions. We welcome and bring together students from various backgrounds - from engineering to communications - to develop new skills and work on the edge of UAS technology.
Team Phantom: SFU Formula SAE Electric
The goal of this club is to compete in the Formula SAE Electric Competition. The club will do this by designing and creating a fully electric vehicle using engineering principles.
The FentaNIL Project at SFU (TFP)
The FentaNIL Project (TFP) is dedicated to reducing the impact of the opioid crisis by educating students about harm reduction and how they can help others who are struggling with addiction. We will teach the public how to recognize and respond to overdoses by recommending students obtain naloxone kits. IG: @fentanilsfu Contact:
The Pitlane
We’re looking to create a safe space for Formula 1 enthusiasts to come together and foster their opinions and understanding of the sport while also entertaining and luring non-fans into enjoying the sport.
The Point
A club on campus whose goal is to Love God, Love People, Serve All, by hosting events open to those part of The Point Church and to those who are not. Through worship and service, we aim to foster a positive atmosphere on campus where students can explore what it means to follow Jesus.

Thé SFU Tea
We aim to encourage and maintain the appreciation of tea in all forms.
The SFU Thaqalyn Muslim Association
As a collective, TMA SFU aims to embody and promote the values of the Quran, the Holy Prophet PBUH and his holy Household within our society and on campus, as we prepare for the reappearance of the Imam of our time. In addition, we hope to provide an inclusive, supportive and accepting environment for Muslim students at Simon Fraser University.
Today's BC Young Liberals
Today's BC Young Liberals at SFU hopes to provide unique and exciting opportunities for students to participate within the political community and engage with other like-minded individuals.